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Copying, Printing & Scanning, and Plotting

The Information Center provides you with printing, scanning and copying facilities in rooms HCI 6.1. and HCI 6.2. This service is provided by ETH Informatikdienste respectively the ETH Print Services (German website only). Jobs can be sent to the two all-in-one devices, p-hci-g-6-a and p-hci-g-6-b, via your computer or our user stations using the ETH Print Services Website (German website only) and then released at the two all-in-one devices using the ETH Zurich Card.

Additionally there is also a plotter in room HCI G 6.1 and a Print Release Station where you can start your plotting job.

Everyone with a valid ETH Zürich Card and a nethz user name and password can use these services. Print jobs will stay in the queue for 24 hours, and are then get deleted.

Information related to ETH Print-Services can be found here. Please note that information is only available in German.