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The Information Center is an ideal place for working and studying. It has about 200 work places, almost all equipped with power plugs so that you can charge your laptop or mobile device. Additionally the group rooms host more than 40 work places. There is also the new Lounge area on the H floor with comfortable couches for relaxing and reading (about 20 seats) – see Read & Relax.

PC Work Spaces

Our public library rooms have 14 thin clients with access to the Internet, primarily for searching databases or literature retrieval, by granting access to numerous scientific databases.

Please note that due to license restriction we cannot offer software, e.g. Microsoft Office, on these publicly accessible PCs.

In case you need to have access to a PC with Microsoft Office, e.g., when writing a report, there is a designated Windows-PC that is available on request. This PC also allows you to perform searches in special databases. Please contact the Infodesk.

You can find additional computer rooms, provided by the ETH Zürich IT Services, at the following locations:

  • HCI H 474 (Windows applications)
  • HCI G 174 (Windows and Linux applications)
  • HCI D 267 (Linux applications)
  • HCI D 451 (Windows and Linux applications)

An overview of all ETH Zürich computer rooms can be found here.

Please note that the use of hardware and software is subject to the Benutzungsordnung für Telematik of ETH Zürich.

Group Rooms

Would you like to have your own room for group work? There are five group rooms on the J floor that can be used by students of the D-CHAB, D-BIOL and D-MATL. Reservation can be made at the Infodesk. Would you like to use a group room for the entire winter or summer break? You can make a reservation in advance, usually just before the semester ends. Please note the information at the Info Display, this website and our social media channels, coming up at the end of the semester.

Wireless LAN / VPN

Would you like to use your own mobile devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) in the Info center?

No problem, as all public rooms within the Info Center are equipped with Wireless LAN, provided and managed by ETH the IT Services. ETH Zürich uses the SSIDs eth (eth-5 und eth), public (public-5 und public) and eduroam (SSID = Service Set Identifier – network name). Both the SSIDs public and eth are on the 2.4 GHz band and the public-5 und eth-5 SSIDs are on the 5 GHz band. More information on the various wireless networks at ETH Zürich can be found at

Several services provided at the ETH Zürich require the installation of VPN software, especially if you access services from your computer at home. Information and directions how to install the software can be found here.

If you have any questions when using the ETH WLAN and the installation of VPN software please contact the Servicedesk of ETH Zürich IT Services. 


The Info Center provides you with 146 lockers. More information can be found here.

Training and Seminar Room

The former „Electronic Library“ G2 has been transferred into a training and seminar room with state-of-the art presentation technology. This room is also available to students as an additional study room when not being used for training, seminars or meetings.