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General Information

The Infodesk is the first place for all visitors of the Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center. Here you will get your questions answered or be directed to a scientific expert. The Infodesk is also the place where you can borrow books or pick up the books you have ordered. The Infodesk can be reached by phone (+41 44 632 30 66) or via e-mail at .

Document Retrieval and Self-Order Options

Please contact us if you cannot find the required document or citation neither online nor are able to order it. We are eager to help you or show you how you can find and retrieve the documents you need.


You need change, for e.g., copy machines or lockers? You are welcome to ask the Infodesk.

Copy Cards

During our opening hours we sell the following Copy Cards:

  • Copy Card (100 units) = CHF 10.-
  • Copy Card (500 units) = CHF 50.-

Copy Cards with 1 000 units can be purchased through the institutional secretaries only.

Outside business hours you may use the Copy Card machine in front of the lecture hall G3, where you can purchase 100-unit copy cards with 10 and 20 CHF notes. Damaged Copy Cards that still have a deposit can be reimbursed at the Infodesk.

Tip: Mark your copy card with your name. Thus, lost and found Copy Cards can be easily returned to their owners.


For the safe storage of your other belongings there are 146 lockers (the deposit is a 2 CHF coin – if you need change please contact the Infodesk). Lockers are placed on the G floor, both in the entrance and outside in the lobby to the right and left of the entrance. Almost all of the lockers have power plugs so you can charge your mobile devices. You need to clear the lockers that are located within the library in the evening when the Information Center closes.

Would you like to reserve a locker for the entire semester or semester break? This is possible for lockers in the lobby. Please watch for the reservation schedule, which will be announced at the end of the semester or semester break via Facebook, the Info Center Display and our Info Box. The deposit for the key is 30 CHF.

Group Rooms

Would you like to have your own room for group work? There are five group rooms on the J floor that can be used by students of the D-CHAB, D-BIOL and D-MATL. Reservations can be made at the Infodesk. Would you like to use a group room for the entire winter or summer break? You can make a reservation in advance, usually just before the semester ends. Please note the information at the Info Display, this website and our social media channels, coming up at the end of the semester.

Lost & Found

Have you lost your key, your smart phone? Are you missing your charger? For whatever you are missing, simply contact us at the Infodesk or the Info + Service Center (ISC) in building HCI E 3.1.

Lost and found items are collected at both sites – and it is always worth checking.