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Dr. Oliver Renn

Oliver Renn joined the ETH Zurich in September 2012 as Head of the Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center. He grew up in the Black Forest and studied chemistry in Munich and Freiburg. After his PhD in bioinorganic Chemistry in 1990 at the University of Dortmund he continued working in cancer research at the University of California at Davis. Further steps of his academic career include a position at the ETH Zurich. In 1996, he left academia and went into publishing, lastly as a Publishing Director at Bertelsmann-Springer in Munich. In 2002 he joined the management board of "Oncology World", a start-up company focusing on knowledge management and discovery in oncology, and from 2003 to 2012 he headed the Scientific Information Center of the Boehringer Ingelheim, a major pharma company.


Head, Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center

  • Consulting databases and knowledge management
  • Copyright-related questions
  • Education & training initiatives
  • Marketing and communications
  • Editor and publisher of the magazine Infozine
  • Liaison between publishers and information providers and the Information Center



+41 44 632 29 64


HCI J 57.5




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Dr. Leo Betschart

Leo Betschart joined the Information Center in September 2018 as an Information Consultant Chemistry. Originally from central Switzerland, he spent his undergraduate years at ETH Zürich with a focus on organic and bioorganic chemistry. After a masters thesis project at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego and a traineeship in medicinal chemistry at Novartis in Basel, he returned to ETH Zurich for a doctoral degree in natural product synthesis. Afterwards, he set out to do postdoctoral reasearch at UBC in Vancouver and was involved in a project at the interface of carbohydrate chemistry, enzyme kinetics and chemical biology. He has a broad background of IT-Tools from the prespective of synthetic chemist.

PositionInformation Consultant Chemistry
  • Consulting, chemical information solutions and databases
  • Contact for chemistry databases and tools
  • Contact for electronic lab notebooks
  • Education & training
  • Development of novel information retrieval solutions
  • Collection management and development (Organic Chemistry)
Phone:+41 44 632 38 50
Room:HCI J 57.6
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Dr. Gina Cannarozzi

Gina Cannarozzi, a dual US/Swiss citizen, has been an Information Consultant for Life Sciences at the Information Center since July 2021. Her career in scientific computing has taken her from Physical Chemistry at UC San Diego where she received a doctorate doing solid-state NMR, to Computer Science at the ETH Zurich where she developed software for bioinformatics analyses, to the Institute of Plant Sciences at the University of Bern in 2011, where she was responsible for next-generation sequencing and genomics. Biological sequence analysis, next-generation sequencing, and food security in a changing climate are some of her interests.

PositionInformation Consultant Life Sciences
  • Consulting, life sciences information solutions and databases
  • Contact for databases, tools and software in life sciences
  • Education & training (Life Sciences)
  • Collection management and development (Life Sciences)
  • Scientific writing
Phone:+41 44 633 43 56
Room:HCI J 57.1
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Dr. Jozica Dolenc

Jozica Dolenc joined the Information Center in September 2013 as an Information Consultant Chemistry. She received her PhD degree in Chemistry from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Jozica Dolenc first joined ETH Zurich in 2004 as an exchange PhD student and in 2006 as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. W. F. van Gunsteren specializing on biomolecular simulations. Since 2012, she has been a Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry at the ETH Zurich.

Position:Information Consultant Chemistry
  • Consulting, chemical information solutions and databases
  • Contact for chemistry databases
  • Education & training (Chemistry)
  • Collection management and development (Chemistry)


Phone:+41 44 632 29 48
Room:HCI J 57.4
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Regula Furegati, Pharmazeutin ETH

Regula Furegati joined the Information Center as an Information Consultant for Pharmaceutical Sciences in August 2012. Born in Zurich, she studied pharmacy at the ETH Zürich after she had received her Matura Type A. After some years in public and hospital pharmacies as well as teaching at a professional school she again joined ETH Zürich, where she is involved in training activities for scientists who work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Position:Information Consultant Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Consulting, pharmaceutical information solutions and databases
  • Contact for pharmaceutical sciences databases
  • Education & training (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Collection management and development (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Phone:+41 44 633 65 71
Room:HCI H 5.1
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Pascal Hauenstein

Pascal Hauenstein joined the Information Center in March 2014 as an Information and Documentation professional. He grew up in Geneva and made an apprenticeship as a bookseller. He studied at the University of Applied Science in Geneva (HEG), received a Bachelor of Science in Information Studies in 2003 and worked in the Library of the Chemistry Department of the University of Geneva. After a one semester language stay in Berlin in 2005, he worked for several years in the City Library of Geneva and until 2013 as a Library Director of a school library. In the end of 2013 he moved with his family to Zürich, place of origin of his wife, where he incorporated quickly.

Position:Information and documentation specialist FH Bachelor's degree
  • Support at the Infodesk
  • Vocational Trainer I & D
  • Layout of the information brochure and the new acquisition posters
  • Cataloguing of media in CLICAPS and Swisscovery
  • Acquisition of media
Phone:+41 44 633049095

HCI H 5.3


Olisa Jashanica

Olisa Jashanica joined the Information Center in August 2021 as an apprentice. She will complete her three-year education as a Fachfrau Information und Dokumentation in summer 2024.

Position:Fachfrau I & D in training
  • Infodesk
  • Assistant Library & Information Services
Phone:+41 44 632 30 67

HCI G 5.4


Andrej Kilian

Andrej Kilian has been working as an information specialist at the Information Center since November 2021. During his studies of German language and literature, philosophy and history, he discovered his enthusiasm for libraries and archives and continued to focus on this field after graduating in 2014. In 2017, he moved to Zurich to manage the internal research library of an art gallery. During his time there, he also earned a degree as Master of Advanced Studies in Information Science from the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons (FHGR) in Chur. Before joining the Information Center, he completed an internship at the Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media (SIKJM) and worked in the school library of KV Zürich.


Information and documentation specialist, MAS

  • Infodesk
  • Cataloguing of media in CLICAPS and Swisscovery
  • Acquisition of media
  • Education & training (information science)
Phone:+41 44 633 42 58
Room:HCI J 57.3


Dr. Maria Pechlaner

Maria Pechlaner joined the Information Center in August 2017 as IT Coordinator. Born in Innsbruck, she studied Molecular Biology with a focus on Structural Biology at the University of Vienna. From 2008 to 2013 she earned her doctorate in biomolecular NMR at the University of Zurich before moving back to Vienna for a postdoc doing molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecules. In 2017 she returned to Zurich to join the Information Center.


IT coordinator and research associate

  • Operation, maintenance and development of the IT infrastructure of the Information Center
  • Management of IT projects
  • Database servers
  • Representation of the Information Center in informatics councils
  • Consulting, chemical information solutions and databases
Phone:+41 44 633 42 85

HCI H 5.4


Alexandra Schätzlein

Alexandra Schätzlein joined the Information Center in July 2022. She grew up in the hinterland of Frankfurt in Germany. In Würzburg, she completed an apprenticeship as a chemist at the Julius-Maximilians-University. After graduating she worked as a research assistant at the University of Cologne. This time was followed by a 2-year stay in Israel before she moved to Switzerland with her family.  There she worked for several years as a teacher of mathematics and natural sciences at a private school in Aargau. In November 2020, she has been employed in the Physics Library of ETH Zurich, before joining the Information Center since last year.

  • Infodesk support
  • Cataloguing of media in CLICAPS and Swisscovery
  • Acquisition of media
Phone:+41 44 633 69 25
Room:HCI H 5.2