Scientific Publishing


The Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center supports you also when writing up and publishing your research results.

Publishing Research in a Scientific Journal

Already today, you are quite often required to publish your research results Open Access. If you submit your article in an Open Access journal (Golden Open Access or hybrid journal) you will be charged an APC (article processing fee) and the published article is freely available to everyone. In some cases, APCs are covered by the funding agency or by ETH Zurich or ETH library, respectively. However, often you are required to publish in an Open Access journal only (no hybrid journals) – see useful links.

If you publish your manuscript in a journal of the traditional subscription model, you are often allowed to make your article freely available in its author version or after an embargo period (Green Open Access). You may publish those versions via e.g. ETH Zurich's Research Collection. How and when you can make which version of your article freely available you can look up in SHERPA/Romeo.

Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)

Many journals require a unique author ID, usually the ORCID. If you already have an ORCID, you can use this identifier in various ETH Zurich systems. Using your ORCID, you can also automatically generate a publication list, which you can also make public. We are happy to assist you.

Outreach – Altmetric and Kudos

Your paper has been published? You want to know how your publication is received? You can check how often your article has been cited, using an abstract & indexing database like Scopus. With tools like e.g. Altmetric, you can analyze how your publication has been received in social media.

You can also increase the outreach of your publication and use Kudos. Kudos is free to use and very easy to use. Please register here.

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Scientific Writing

In the ICBP you can find a comprehensive selection of books covering e.g. the topics "scientific work" and "scientific writing" (in our catalog: "Search Topics" > search "scientific writing").

ETH Library is also frequently giving courses on "Writing scientific papers and theses".

Proper Citations and Correct Chemical Names

In case you need support when dealing with the different citation styles we are also happy to help.

If you need correct IUPAC names for your chemical structures, the Information Center also provides software that generates an IUPAC name of an organic compound from a given structure. It provides an explanation and a hypertext version of the IUPAC rules for organic compounds ("Blue Book"). In addition, names in accordance with CAS Index nomenclature can also be produced. Please contact Jozica Dolenc.