Information Consulting


Do you need support in answering a scientific question? Are you unsure about which databases or tools meet your needs? Our Information Consultants for Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biology are happy to help you.

Support for using databases or tools

Often it is much easier to solve an information-related question than you think it is. And one database may be better for a certain problem than another. There are also little tricks that make retrieval of desired information easier. We can show you how to do it.

We also support research groups that need databases for research projects and need help with information retrieval, data curation or information visualization.

Literature Search

If you are looking for literature on a certain topic, please ask our Information Consultants (Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences) or Infodesk for support.

Specialized Search

If you need advanced searches on compounds, reactions or properties in specialized databases please do not hesitate to ask us. Periodic searches (so-called SDIs "selected dissemination of information") can be carried out on request or we can show you how to set them up yourself.

Arrange an appointment

Give us a call or send us an e-mail. You can find an overview of the staff of the Information Center, their tasks and contact details on the Team Page. If you are not sure whom to approach please contact the Head of the Information Center, Dr. Oliver Renn.