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Infozine brings you closer to the rapidly evolving world of scientific information, shows you what's new, and helps you choose the right one from a variety of information resources and information solutions.

Infozine is a magazine for users of scientific information published in German and English (ISSN (German) 2504-1843, ISSN (English) 2504-1851) by the Information Center Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy. All issues can be downloaded as PDF below. For the English language version, please switch to the English version of the website.

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No. 24 May 2021 (PDF)
No. 23 December 2020 (PDF)

No. 22 May 2020 (PDF)

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No. 20 May 2019 (PDF)

No. 19 December 2018 (PDF)

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No. 17 February 2018 (PDF)

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No. 15 July 2017 (PDF)

No. 14 May 2017 (PDF)

No. 13 Februay 2017 (PDF)

No. 12 July 2016 (PDF)

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No. 6 July 2014 (PDF)

No. 5 April 2014 (PDF)

No. 4 December 2013 (PDF)

No. 3 June 2013 (PDF)

No. 2 April 2013 (PDF only published in German)

No. 1 February 2013 (PDF only published in German)