Q: I don't have any change for the safe-deposit boxes, can I change money at the info center?
A: Our Infodesk staff will be happy to change money (2 francs) for the safe-deposit boxes.

 Q: How can I use the W-LAN if I am not a member of the ETH?
 A: As a member of other universities you can log in with your university's login credentials to Eduroam:


If you do not belong to a university, you can use one of our computers on the G floor to the left of the entrance.

Q: How long is the loan period for books from the Information Center?
A: 14 days loan period, 70 days maximum extension period



Q: How can I top up my print credit?
A: The Prepay Transfer is explained here.

Q: Where else in the HCI can I find printers?
A: The locations of all student printers of the Print Service can be found here.

Q: How can I print if I don't have an ETH Zurich login?
A: Please contact the Infodesk.

Q: My ETH Zurich card does not (no longer) work at the printers. What can I do?
A: Please contact the IT Services Service Desk: servicedesk@id.ethz.ch, Tel: 044 632 77 77

Q: Why is my document not printed or only partially printed ?
A: If you have ordered a document to be printed via Webprint and the document is not printed or only partially printed, in many cases it helps to open the same document in Adobe Reader and print it from a computer with //piastud01/card-stud printer installed. Some PDF errors can also be fixed by simply opening them in Adobe Reader and saving again from there.

Information ressources


Q: Where can I find the microfilms?
A: The microfilms and microfilm readers are located in a non-public archive room of the Information Center. If you need documents that are only available on microfilm, please contact the Infodesk.

Q: I cannot find the location of a book with the signature KC.
A: Books with the location KC are located in a Kompaktus system outside the Infocenter. The Infodesk team will be happy to fetch books from the Kompaktus for you.

Q: How do I order/reserve books from the Infocenter?
A: Books from the Information Center can be found via the catalog of the Infocenter (CLICAPS), the search portal of the Swiss library network SLSP, swisscovery, and ETH Library @ swisscovery. In the case of the former, you will be redirected to the corresponding entry at ETH Library @ swisscovery for borrowing; in the case of the latter two, you can order directly after logging in with your Switch Edu-ID.

PC workstations


Q: Why can't I edit Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.)?
A: For licensing reasons, Office cannot be made available on the PCs to the left of the entrance that can be accessed without a login. For members of ETH Zurich, MS Office is installed on the PCs to the right of the entrance.

Q: How can I print from the public workstations?
A: On the kiosk PCs to the left of the entrance, print jobs can be sent via web upload to webprint.ethz.ch, on the PCs to the right of the entrance, this is also possible directly by selecting the printer \\piastud01\card-stud. Printing can then be triggered using the ETH Zurich card on the printers in the HCI G 6.1 and HCI G 6.2 rooms.

Q: I have filled out a PDF form. Why can't I save or print this PDF?
A: PDF forms can be filled out with Adobe Reader, but cannot be saved afterwards (directly) with the completed content. In order to be able to print the completed PDF form, it must be saved as a "normal" PDF using the "Print to PDF" printer in the print dialog.

Q: Are there any other computer rooms somewhere in the HCI?
A: Yes, computerrooms at HCI and HIT are listed here. It can happen that the rooms are reserved for courses.