Q: Can I use the safe deposit boxes if I don’t have any small change?
A: Our Infodesk staff will be happy to provide you with a token for use of the deposit boxes.

Q: How can I use WiFi if I am not a member of the ETH?
A: If you are a member of another institution of higher education, you can log in to Eduroam with your institution’s login credentials.

If you do not belong to an institution using Eduroam, you can use the “public” network. Temporary access is granted upon registering a mobile phone number. More information can be found here.

You also have the option to use one of our computers on the G floor to the left of the entrance.

Q: How long is the loan period for books from the Information Center?
A: There is a loan period of 28 days. Loans are extend automatically up to five times as long as there are no reservations by other users.

Q: Where can I retrieve items lost at the Information Center?
A: Items that are found by the staff or handed in at the Infodesk are kept there for a few days. Afterwards they are brought to the lost and found office at the Info + Service Center (ISC) in the HIL building.


Q: I would like to publish my paper in Open Access. Where can I check whether the APCs (article processing charges) are covered by ETH Zurich or ETH Library?
A: Current information on this subject can be found on the website of ETH Library: Article Processing Charge Funding.



Q: How can I top up my print credit?
A: Your credit can be topped up via the IT Shop (https://itshop.ethz.ch) using Print Service Prepay.

Q: Where else in the HCI can I find printers?
A: The locations of all student printers of the Print Service can be found here.

Q: How can I print if I dont have an ETH login?
A: Please contact the Infodesk.

Q: I can’t log in to the printers with my ETH card. What can I do?
A: Please contact the IT Services Service Desk: servicedesk(at)id.ethz.ch, phone: +41 44 632 77 77

Q: Why is my document not printed or only partially printed?
A: If you have sent a document to be printed via Webprint and the document is not printed or only partially printed, it can often help to open the same document in a PDF viewer and print it from a computer with the //piastud01/card-stud printer installed. Some PDF errors can also be fixed by opening them in a PDF software and saving them again from there.

Information ressources

Q: How to I register at ETH Library @ swisscovery?
A: The registration is carried out via the authentication service SWITCH Edu-ID. A PDF instruction sheet explaining the registration procedure and how to link your Edu-ID with your ETH account can be found here.

Q: I cannot find the location of a book with the signature KC.
A: Books with the location KC are located in a rolling shelf storage outside the Infocenter. The Infodesk team will be happy to provide books from this location for you. Please order the book via ETH Library @ swisscovery or at the Infodesk.

Q: How do I order/reserve books from the Infocenter?
A: Books from the Information Center can be found via the catalog of the Infocenter (CLICAPS) and ETH Library @ swisscovery. Using CLICAPS, you will be redirected to the corresponding entry at ETH Library @ swisscovery; in Swisscovery, you can order the book after logging in with your SWTICH edu-ID.

PC workstations

Q: Why cant I edit Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.)?
A: For licensing reasons, Office cannot be made available on the PCs to the left of the entrance that can be accessed without a login. For members of ETH Zurich, MS Office is installed on the PCs to the right of the entrance.

Q: How can I print from the public workstations?
A: On the kiosk PCs to the left of the entrance, print jobs can be sent via web upload to webprint.ethz.ch. On the PCs to the right of the entrance, printing jobs can be created by directly selecting the printer \\piastud01\card-stud. The job can then be triggered using the ETH card on the printers in the rooms HCI G 6.1 and HCI G 6.2.

Q: Are there any other computer rooms somewhere in HCI?
A: Yes, computer rooms at HCI and HIT are listed here. Rooms may be reserved for courses.