Searching Catalogs

Catalogs & Books

You can find our books, magazines and other media in three different catalogs.

All titles that are located in the Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center (ICBP) can be accessed by searching the catalog of the Infocenter  (CLICAPS) and the search portals of the Swiss Library Service platform (SLSP) and ETH library, swisscovery and ETH Library @ swisscovery. In CLICAPS you will only find books of the ICBP, but all books of the ICBP can also be found in the other two catalogs. The number of hits in CLICAPS is therefore smaller, but more manageable. Since the books in the ICBP are arranged according to a classification system, CLICAPS also allows you to search and display books by topic, e.g. all the books that are arranged in the subject shelf "Scientific Writing".