Print, Scan & Copy

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At the Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center you can not only copy and scan from books and magazines, but as a member of ETH Zurich you can also print your own print jobs (also DIN A3 up to posters of DIN A0).

In the rooms HCI G 6.1 and G 6.2 printing, copying and scanning facilities are available for everybody wit an ETH account. This service is operated by the ETH IT Services and the ETH Print Service, respectively. All information on prepay, web upload and driver installation can be found here.

Orders to the two multifunction printers, p-hci-g-6-a and p-hci-g-6-b, can be sent from your computer or our user stations (with the installed printer driver or via the web upload) and then triggered directly at the printer with your ETH Zurich card. The print jobs remain in the pull printing queue for 24 hours, after which they are deleted.

In addition, you will find a self-service plotter (HCIG6) in room HCI G 6.1. Jobs can be sent to the plotter from