Library & Information Services


The Information Center Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy is a specialized library for chemistry, biology, pharmacy and material sciences and supports with various library and information services.


The Infodesk is the contact point for all your technical and literature questions. Further information about the Infodesk can be found here.

Useful link:Infodesk


Document Delivery and Courier Services

All media from within ETH Zurich that can be ordered via swisscovery and ETH Library @ swisscovery, are delivered free of charge via courier service to the Information Center (ETH-HCI), where you can pick them up. If you want to have media from the "Zentralbibliothek" shipped to the Info Center – then this requires a special set-up of your library account (possible only for Master students and above).

There are still some libraries that do not yet offer shipping their media via the Courier Service even though the holdings can be ordered via NEBIS. Those libraries are

  • Main Library University Zürich ("Forschungsbibliothek" and "Medizinbibliothek Careum")
  • all Libraries of the Institutes of the University Zürich
  • all Libraries of the "Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich" (PHZH)

Media that are requested from those libraries need to be picked up personally on site or can be shipped by postal mail at extra cost.

Media from all other cantonal Library Consortia (IDS Basel, Bern, Luzern, St. Gallen, RERO, BGR, Alexandria etc.) can be delivered at an extra charge of CHF 5.00 to the "Zentralbibliothek" for pick-up or via postal mail to your home address (CHF 12.00). For the time being, no delivery  of these items to libraries within the ETH Zürich is available.

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

Literature that cannot be found in the "Wissensportal" can still be ordered. We can order books and other media from all libraries in Switzerland or even worldwide. Please contact us directly at the Infodesk or via e-mail.

We can order on your behalf or show you how to do it. Information on how to do it by yourself can be found here.

Useful link:Infodesk


Collection Development and Management

The Information Center primarily acquires literature for the following customer groups:

  • Researchers and lecturers of both the D-CHAB and D-BIOL departments
  • Students of the departments D-CHAB and D-BIOL

In addition, the Information Center acquires books and other media in the field of material sciences provided that there is a relationship to chemistry.

The Information Center's subject matter experts acquire new books and other media that match the Acquisition Profile of the Information Center. In contrast to the ETH Library we are not a repository library, i.e., we do not build up a permanent collection but actively manage the holdings. Books and other media that are no longer useful are either moved to a storage facility or are discharged, especially if there are holdings at other libraries, particularly at the ETH Library.