Is your collection of Coffee Lectures complete?


The new, updated Coffee Lecture Collector’s Card Album with 69 topics is available from our website or in printed form at the Info Desk.

Our Coffee Lectures are designed to familiarize you with the databases, tools, concepts, and skills you need as a student or researcher of chemistry, life sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and materials science. At each Coffee Lecture, you will get a Coffee Lecture Card, which summarizes key points – since Corona in digital form only.

Now, we have updated our collection cards. Some topics have been dropped because tools no longer exist, are sufficiently well known, or we can no longer recommend them. Instead, new ones have been added, like Scite, Scholarcy or LibKey Nomad. The latter is among the presented topics in the coming 23rd series.

Keep track of “your” Coffee Lectures with the Coffee Lecture Collector’s Card Album. Personalize your album and tick the Coffee Lectures you attended. You can find the new album as a PDF here or get it in print at the Infodesk, starting June 15, 2021, when the new Coffee Lecture series starts.

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