Research Output Visualization D-CHAB 2016


The research output of the D-CHAB has been visualized using the title words of all articles published in 2016. This reflects – among others – over 600 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

The titles of all articles published in 2016 were retrieved using Scopus and the Scopus Author ID. Common English words were eliminated and the article titles were segmented. Multi-word terms were not split but taken as a unit. The frequency of the remaining title words decides if and how big a particular word is represented in the cloud. Using the Wordle tool, a word cloud was generated that nicely presents the D-CHAB's contribution to progress in science.

The images for the entire D-CHAB as well as for the five institutes/laboratories can be downloaded as jpg files:

Visualisation for all of D-CHAB
Visualisation for the IPW
Visualisation for the ICB
Visualisation for the LAC
Visualisation for the LOC
Visualisation for the LPC

We are happy to provide you also with customized visuals as well as individual representations up to research group level.