Reservation of Group Rooms for the winter break 2020


Save the date: Reservation starts Monday, December 16, 2019 at 8:00 am! The rooms can be reserved for the period of January 6, to February 14, 2020.

Since the Information Center has a limited number of rooms for group work, rooms can only be allocated to students from D-CHAB, D-BIOL or D-MATL. The assignment of the rooms is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. If there are more than 5 interested groups present at 8:00 am, when the Info Center opens, the rooms will be given to the groups with the largest number of members (max. 8 students; it is sufficient if one representative of the group is present, yet a list with full names of all group members is required).

If more than 5 groups of the same size are applying, the Infodesk will draw lots to allocate the rooms. Only one lot per group can be used.

Example: If there are 2 groups of 6 students and 4 groups of 5 students applying two rooms will be immediately be allocated to the groups of students. To allocate the remaining three rooms lots will be drawn.

The room J 59.6 is only available on a day-to-day basis; a first-come, first-serve principle will apply.