SciFinder-n Workshop 13.7.2021


By the end of this year, the old SciFinder Web will be retired. Its successor, SciFindern, offers much more functionality than the old version and new features are continuously being added.

Join us for a 2-part online Workshop on SciFindern: No registration required:

Date and Time: Tuesday, July 13th, 14:00–16:00

Part 1: “Crash-course” will provide a good starting point, if you have not used SciFindern yet or are currently still using the old SciFinder Web. For this crash course on what SciFindern can do and how it differs from its predecessor, join us at 14:00.

Part 2: “New Features and Functionalities” is for regular users of SciFindern, will update you on the latest developments and starts at 14:30. We will showcase new features that will help you to find information more efficiently and to address more complex questions.

Program Outline

14:00–14:25       SciFindern crash course

  • Basic features

  • Comparison to the old SciFinder Web

14:25–14:30       5 min break

14:30–15:30       New features and functionalities (with example searches)

  • Reference searching

  • Structure based substance and reaction search

  • Inorganic materials search

15:30–16:00       Q & A

Speakers: Dr. Jozica Dolenc, Dr. Leo Betschart

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