Crash Courses Spring 2023


Do you want to save a lot of time during your research or Master's project? The Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center offers a broad range of valuable crash courses on scientific information retrieval and visualization. From text-based liteterature search with Scopus, visualization with PyMOL or ChemDraw, or, the effective use of PubMed. There is something for you too!

Earlier in your studies, we probably introduced you to using scientific literature and retrieving information from databases. Frankly, that was ages ago and those were tailored specifically to your lab courses. Now you are doing real research, with real problems, and we want to offer a little help.

Our crash courses review the most important aspects of text- and structure-based literature search or bring you up to speed with using visualization tools. They are independent of each other and designed with minimal overlap in content. All courses will take place on-site, rooms will be announced shortly beforehand, but will most likely be in the HCI building.

ChemDraw Beginner: Compicampus

March 2, 2023, Info & registration.
Learn the basics of ChemDraw: Important Shortcuts, efficient strategies for drawing.

ChemDraw Advanced: Compicampus

March 6, 2023, Info & registration.
Learn about advanced functionality that can help you become even more efficient with ChemDraw.

Text-Based Literature Search

March 9, 2023, Info & registration.
Find relevant literature using an efficient and systematic approach.

PyMOL for beginners

April 20, 2023

PyMOL is a 3D molecular visualization and analysis software that can produce high-quality renderings of biological macromolecules, such as proteins, DNA, or RNA. In this course you will learn about the PyMOL interface, how to visualize molecules, how to make a short movie, and basic scripting.

PubMed Essentials

May 11, 2023, Info & registration.
Learn more about the indexing system behind PubMed und how to translate this knowledge into more efficient and effective searches.

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